Thursday, April 30, 2015


Hey hey hey!! It's my sweet fellow beings! All right, so can I just say
God is great. The big man really does know what he's doin'. I'll
explain a little later because it goes along with the days that I've
had out in the field.

First thing, so you know how I've been having stomach problems lately?
Well, I was praying that they would go away and for the strength to be
able to keep going. And it was amazing, right as the plane landed my
stomach pains were gone. Completely gone. I felt so good, like I could
do anything in the world. He really does hear our prayers. 

So we then met our mission President and his sweet wife. Got our luggage and
headed to the mission office where I got to write you letting you know
I didn't die. But so much has happened since. So once I was done
writing you, we met with some sister missionaries and we headed out to
do some tracting. Yup, once you get there you send ya right out there.
Like a deer in the headlights. Haha  It was good. 

No one answered their door even though we could hear them inside but I wasn't
too worried about that because there's no rush I have a year and a
half. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't work hard! I just can't get
discouraged too easily. It takes time and patience. And I can handle
that. I'm in the Lord's hands - meaning I'm on his time. Once we got
back we got our dinners and went to the hotel, where Sister Young and
I ate our food and I fell asleep on the bed at like 6:30! Haha It was a
long day!

On Thursday, we got our companion and area assignments. My companion is Sister
Smith and we are serving in Lincoln, the bottom part of Roseville
We don't have a car so we either walk or ride bikes. I love
it here!! It's so beautiful! Sometimes you get Palm trees, pine trees
and cactus' all in the front yard, haha but it's gorgeous here. 

The people are amazing! I have such love for each one of them. I've gotten
to know my ward pretty well and it's crazy. Some of the ward members
remind me of Nanny and Papa. It's so much fun. We live in an apartment
where it's a bit sketchy. Sometimes at night we have to carry a knife
while we walk back home. We're also surrounded by peacocks!! They
beautiful, but so loud! They kind of sound like Kevin off of the movie Up! But oh
well I'll get used to it. We also met our new district and they are so
fun!! They all are so different but are like the best of friends. 

So I guess we're in a drought and they are needing rain really bad. So
I prayed one night and the next day it poured.  It was awesome! I
love the weather here. It's cool in the mornings then warms up during
the day, (which stinks when we're biking) then gets cool again. It's really
humid here and I absolutely love it!! 
 Saturday we did service all morning. It was amazing we went to the
salt mine. That's where we organized food and gave it to people that
weren't able to afford food. It was sad to see how many people were
there and how skinny some were. But all were so sweet and generous.
It's amazing when you serve you have such love for everyone, even the
ones you don't know very well or at all. 

For dinner we visited the Meyer family. They're a pretty young couple and we asked them how they met and all and we became good friends. Ah they're so cute! I
love'em. But as the day went on...I felt like Satan just really hates me and wants
to bring me down. I started feeling really sick again. Stomach pain
and all. Then I felt like I couldn't do this anymore. That I didn't
have the spirit with me, like I had a whole inside of me. I was 
getting really discouraged because I can't go running. (My
companion hates to run.) So I'm worried I'm gaining weight and my mood isn't being
boosted by the kind of exercise I need. I felt like I should pray, but I didn't want to.

The, on Sunday I did. I asked for strength and motivation to keep going
forward. I can feel a huge difference. I'm a lot happier and
it's like all those feelings are gone. I'm just worried that they're
going to come back. But, I know with the Lords help, I can get through this! 

So at church I met just about everyone and their dog. They were so sweet. Haha they kept saying I look like I'm 12 and that I'm so short. Ha it's funny. During sharing time
in primary we taught about Joseph Smith and the restoration. It was
fun, the little ones are so cute!! After church we went to a 
member's houses to check in with them and dinner. Haha oh man I loved this
family. They are so kind and fun!

Ever since I have said that prayer it's like the Lord has put me in the sky. It's so cool I feel
like I can just about everything. Nothing can get in my way!

P-day!! So when Sister Smith and I woke up we decided to go out and chase the peacocks haha it was so much fun!! We then went running for 3 minutes..ya I was a bit bugged. But Smith promised that we're going to run 20 mins tomorrow with an ab workout. I was like heck ya we are!!
As we got ready we were listening to music and the song I Will Serve Thee Dear Lord came on and I couldn't help but smile and tear
up. I feel so happy! I feel so blessed with all the Savior has done
for me and am blessed to be serving Him. It's moments like these where I
can see the Lord's hand in everything. I can see my purpose and why I'm
out here. I couldn't asked to be doing anything else. It's going to be
hard but I say bring it on!! If you think about it a mission isn't
really that hard. All you're doing is serving. But I think that we
push ourselves to the point where we get discouraged, if we have
patience with the people we are serving and ourselves, and have faith in
the Lord, all things are possible. 
So once we got ready we went to the
Meyer's house to do laundry where I emailed you a little bit. We
headed home afterwards and the Sisters and Elders went on a hike,
called Camp Far West. Oh my goodness, I wish I had taken my camera or my
iPad cause it was gorgeous!!! I'll have to ask around and see who took
some pics and send them to you. It was funny. I was skipping and
laughing, just being me and one of the Elder's, Elder Raab, was like, your happiness is slowly killing me you gotta tone it down a bit. haha
I looked at him (may I remind you he's 6'4) and said Ya right! Haha we
all love to tease each other. It's fun. 
Well, like I said God is great. The big man knew exactly what he was
doing. He see's the big picture. I can't even imagine what it would be
like to be put on this Earth without knowing the things I do. Life
really would be pointless. But that's what I'm here for. I'm out
serving the Lord with all my heart, might, mind and strength so that
His children have the chance or opportunity to hear about the gospel.
And it's up to them to either accept or reject. But that doesn't
change how I feel towards them and our loving Heavenly

I love this gospel so much. It has made me so happy! And I'm
grateful for Satan. That might sound weird, but I truly am. He has made me
realize that without this gospel we wouldn't be able to feel peace,
comfort and the happiness it brings us. The other night when I was praying to
Heavenly Father, I was so frustrated with Satan. I kept telling
Heavenly Father I'm so sick of him, he just makes me so mad!! I
kept goin on and on and then I said if I ever get the chance to meet
him face to face oh, I would just...and I stopped for a bit and said I
would look him in the eyes and say I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that you
are so bitter and mad with yourself that you have to take it out on us
and your Father. I'm sorry that you will never experience this joy and
Man it just makes me feel bad for the guy. But God gave all of us agency
and that's his choice for feeling that way. He doesn't have to, but
sometimes we all have to learn the hard way. I still have hope for
him. But it's not up to me to make that judgement.

From the looks of everything, it sounds like everyone is doing
well. Which is so good! Sometimes during the day I imagine what you
are all doing. Haha either running around or chillin' at home. I don't
know, for me to think of what you all are doing helps me so I don't feel
homesick. Which is good. But I sure do miss every each one of you like
crazy. Not much longer and I'll be on my way home. It'll come up
fast. It's crazy to think that I've almost been out for a month! Haha
time does fly when you're out having fun. 
Well I love you all! Keep me
updated.  DYB, TP, BV 
 Love Sister Barton 

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